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Research and development

Occasional disasters and mistakes usually lead to innovative solutions (they have to). Sometimes a disaster can be turned into a benificial change in farm protocols. This way the farming system evolves continuesly resulting in a stable and robust farm ensuring a reliable source of worms for the angling and aquaculture industry. All equipment, harvesting machines, packing machines,  oxygenators and water movers have been developed at Topsy. Even existing machine are improved continuesly to increase the efficiency of the farm. Harvesting machines plough themselves through the ponds independently nowadays. The packing machine is half automatic needing only one operator. All pumps, watermovers and oxygenators are frequency controlled to save energy. Research is done into the farming of lugworms (Arenicola marina) in order to diversify the product range. But there are more commercially interesting worms around, such as the bloodworm (Glycera sp.) and the tubeworm (Dioptera sp.).