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Frozen worms

Marine polychaetes have been proven to be crucial for the sexual maturation and reproduction of fish and shrimp. N.virens contains high levels of digestible protein and are essential for the production of eggs in shrimp. Topsy is located in the temperate zone of Europe, thousands of kilometers away from all known shrimp diseases. Each batch is tested for shrimp pathogens by the University of Arizona. All tests have been negative ever since Topsy started supplying shrimp hatcheries.

Topsy supplies over 40 countries with it’s maturation diet. After harvesting, cleaning and purging the worms are flash frozen in one kg flat packs. After packing the flat packs in polystyreen boxes they are stored in a freeze warehouse. From our huge stock (20 tonnes minimum) global supply and distribution is quick and efficient through the airports of Brussels and Amsterdam and the harbours of Antwerp and Rotterdam. Increasing numbers of shrimp hatcheries make use of SPF shrimp broodstock, for instants from Shrimp Improvement Systems in the US. SPF brood stock is a very expensive investment that most hatcheries do not want to jeopardize by using cheap local wild worms that can be infected with shrimpdiseases (and usually are). They prefer to use Topsy’s SPF polychaetes to ensure a harvest at the end of the cycle.  SPF polychaetes seem  expensive but their cost only add a few cents to the  price of the harvested shrimp, but help to secure the survival of the shrimp larvae.