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Nereis virens

N.virens is found in Northern Europe; UK, Ireland, Holland, Germany,
Denmark and the North Eastern coasts of the US, Maine and Canada. In
the Netherlands it is called, Zager, in Germany, Seeringelwurm and in the
UK Ragworm. In the US they say sandworm or clamworm to this species.
The ragworm is a scavanger that will eat dead and live animal or plant
matter. The ragworm reproduces once in it’s life and dies after
reproduction. An average female can contain over one million eggs, but a
record (wild) female was found to contain 7 millions eggs. In the hatchery
the fertilised eggs are kept for two weeks untill they reach Nectochaetehood. At this stage the larvae are sown in the outside ponds.  After five months the first worms can be harvested. In 2011 the hatchery produced 420 million baby ragworms and 610 million in 2012 .