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Live worms

Marine worms are at the base of many food chains and that is the reason for being such a good bait.
After harvest the worms are cleaned and kept in running seawater for at least 24 hours to purge themselves. On order the worms are packed in plastic tubes with cold seawater, activated carbon and pure oxygen. On top of the tubes, in a polystyreen box, we put sufficient ice packs to keep the temperature low during transport. This allows for at least 24 hours of transport time during summer and more than 48 hours in winter. Most shops in the Netherlands are supplied through parcel service. The shops can order five days per week ensuring continues supply to the sea angler. Wholesalers abroad are supplied by road or air transport. The UK, Denmark and Spain are supplied by truck together with seafood. Packed in the afternoon, the worms reach the UK, Spain and Denmark the next morning. Japan is supplied by air which takes 24 hours in total. Topsy is located very close to the centre of the mussel and oyster industry in Yerseke and benefits of it’s logistic movements. Amsterdam airport is only 150 km away and our agent Copex picks up  shipments at the farm on it’s daily tour through our Province Zeeland.